Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: the Houses of Parliament

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

Shannon couldn't bear to look at the MP to whom the Lord Chancellor had given her. But she complied with his command nevertheless, taking down the left shoulder strap of the lacy black bra.

"You are being punished," the Lord Chancellor had said. "John is well known as a very thorough spanker, and so I have asked him to take you to his discipline room in Southwark for the afternoon. You will wear the black set, under a long coat. As soon as you step into the cab, you will remove the coat, and John will tell you what to do from there."

"Look at you, you naughty girl," John Embers, MP, said. "In your wicked black things here in a resectable cab."

Shannon still couldn't look at him, but she felt her body responding as the elegantly dressed gentleman continued, "Shall I tell you what will happen to you when we reach my discipline room? You are going to climb the stairs dressed just as you are now, with me behind you so I can watch your backside move in those wonderful knickers. Then I am going to lead you to the spanking bench, and strap you to it.

"And then, I am afraid, it will be the cane for you. The Lord Chancellor was very specific on that point--he said that you require the strictest discipline, and I can see from the way you have shamelessly exposed yourself right here in front of me, in a cab, your legs spread to show me all your charms, that the Lord Chancellor, as in everything else, is correct in his judgment of your lewdness, and its need for chastisement."

(Image via the wonderful Carmelita F of the Nylon Stockings and Lingerie community on Google Plus.)