Thursday, November 28, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: simple drama

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story; see here for an index to all the stories and analyses in the series.)

Most weeks I have to spend a few minutes looking through my favorite community on Google before I find an image that does to me what happens to Natalie in the story: the BDSM soul-gasp, as I think of it. Nana Artb's image though, was the very first one I saw when I opened my feed. My eyes widened, and I yearned, desperately, to be the girl in the picture.

Why? I think it's because her head is bowed. Well, and her knees are spread, I suppose. The purity of the shot conveys a simple drama that only needs the lightest of elaborating touches, just as, I imagine, she only needs the lightest of touches from her mistress to achieve the submissive bliss she's clearly being denied in this position. My own sex aches, imagining the state of hers.

The set-up of the shot, in its absolute purity, made me want to reflect the starkness somehow in the narrative set-up: thus, the most aesthetically-inflected modern space--the art gallery. That context, in turn, led to the narrative elaboration of the artist and the viewer, Natalie and the unnamed Domme inviting Natalie into the scene, to create the simple drama.

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