Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: mirror

(See here for an explanation of this series.)

"Do you see now, Mira?"

"See what, Sir?" she asked, timidly. She had never been so dressed up and so naked at once: the things her Master had had her don were very, very lovely, but they also made her feel ashamed, because he had said that they were all she would be wearing for the next three days, in his château.

Then he had told her it was time for her to be punished for being late to meet him that morning, and brought her to this room, shivering a bit--not with chill, for the château was very well-heated, but with the kind of fear that at the same time made her feel so warm down there. And in the room was this strange, mirrored table that seemed like something out of one of her dreams, and her Master had made her climb up onto it, and adopt the submissive position of a girl who is about to be enjoyed from behind.

He hadn't, however, taken her naughty black panties down. She had supposed that meant he wanted to pull them aside and enjoy her that way, as he sometimes did, but after she had assumed the position he had commanded he had simply told her to look at the mirror, and had stood back, out of the range of her sight, so that the only thing she could see was her own reflection.

His voice, therefore, when he asked her if she saw, came from somewhere else, from the place where he controlled her, where he owned her.

"Do you see what you are?"

She did see, and it made her give a little moan.

"Tell me what you are, Mira."

"Sir, I am a possession, like your mirror, like the panties and stockings in which you dress me."

"What are you for, Mira?"

"I am for you to enjoy."

"While I spank you, and then enjoy you, you are to watch, in the mirror. When I strike you with my hand, you are to watch me chastising you for your neglect of your duty to me. When I pull your panties aside, you are to watch your private places being uncovered for my pleasure. When I enter you, you are to watch me claiming them for myself. All the while, you are to watch yourself, in my lovely things, being put to your proper purpose."

In the mirror, reversed, she saw him come into view behind her.

(Image from Julian Wilde, via Sir Dušan G.)


  1. Don't stop now.... you have me wet and wanting more....please go on......

    1. :D Thanks, Sadie. Let me be completely mercenary, and say click here for more! (Really, my favorite part about writing this visual inspirations is that all of them eventually find their way into something I'm working on, where they get much fuller treatment. . .)