Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: a rope around the ankles

(See here for an explanation of this series.)

Robert met Maggie at the door with the rope in his hand. "You're late," he said, without anger.

"Only five minutes!" Maggie protested.

Robert looked at his watch. "Seven, to be precise, but if I'm not mistaken we agreed that you would suffer the consequences if you were home even a second after eight. Am I wrong?"

"No, Sir." Maggie hung her head. "There was traffic." Her voice was sullen, but it concealed a thrill of fear, and another of arousal, that went through her at the thought of the consequences they had agreed to.

"You should have anticipated the traffic, shouldn't you?" She looked down at his burgundy loafers. "Answer me." Casually, he reached his hand out and slapped her cheek.

Oh, no. Her hand flew to her face, and tears formed in her eyes--but, of course, other moisture began to seep in other places.

"Yes, Sir."

He slapped her again, on the other cheek. "You are mine, now, until dawn, as we agreed." Another slap.

Her mind began to spin out of control. Why had she agreed? Why hadn't she anticipated the traffic? Why, of all things, had she, able to get home on time, stopped to buy a magazine?

She turned to flee down the stairs, but Robert grabbed her easily around the waist, and hauled her inside, and slammed the door behind her. He threw her over a big chair in his living-room, and went to work with his rope.

What had he said he was going to do, if she were late and had to suffer the consequences? What did being his for the night mean, again? Her thoughts raced to remember the list of things that had horrified her even as they had fascinated her.

He was going to spank her, first. That's what he had said. With the big leather paddle he had shown her. He would not harm her clothing as he was removing it, he had said, except that he had promised that he was going to cut her panties off her with his penknife. . . but he wouldn't really, would he?. . . cut them off so that he could gag her with them, and then spank her bare bottom the way she deserved. Then he was going to teach her about his pleasures, and, he had said, she should make no mistake: those pleasures would involve possessing her everywhere her body could afford him an avenue of enjoyment. If she were late, she should give up any idea of having her modesty respected, for to be his meant that he would use her every way a man can use a woman.

But first he was going to tie her up, so that she couldn't get any silly notions about escaping.

She felt the rope winding round and round her ankles, and she realized that all the consequences were going to take place: Robert was going to give her exactly what she had asked for.


  1. Sounds like someone's unconscious made sure she got exactly what she needed. :)

    Mm, now this one I can really enjoy.