Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: a rope around the ankles

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

The pictures that are less explicit are harder to write to, but also more rewarding. I find that they tend to crystallize around a conjunction of two or more elements, of which one is BDSM and the other much more mundane, but because of its mundanity the BDSM element transforms it into a breathtaking hotness in its own way.

Here, the rope so beautifully tied around ankles in pantyhose led instantly to the question: "How did it end up this way? Why did the dominant tie her ankles while she was still in her pantyhose?" Along with that, the awkward positioning of the feet seemed to indicate a kind of impromptu element: this is the beginning of something, and she's been tied up still in her pantyhose because her Master is preparing to teach her a lesson she earned while wearing them: a BDSM scene earned for lateness seemed one possibility. . .

I think the hottest thing about bondage of all kinds, for me at least, is the simple implication that my Master is going to have his way with me, and he doesn't want to have to worry about me interfering with his pleasures. That's hot because my libido is deeply tied (as it were) into the idea that in being objectified I become real, and valuable. In the case of beautiful, precise rope-work like the double-column tie in the photo, the girl is simultaneously objectified in two ways: she is bound so that her Master may use her at leisure, and she is adorned as an aesthetically valuable plaything. She is a lovely toy with which a grown-up may play.


  1. You and I both share a love for the understated, the unstated, and the power of the imagination. A single word can convey so much and stir up such a reaction.

    Point in case:

    EMILY!! :D