Thursday, November 14, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: bed-caning

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

Is it the pillows, or the cane-welts? Or the lingerie? Or the bed?

No: it's the cane itself, of course, caught as it actually is inflicting punishment on her bottom.

Directly after the arresting sight of the bottom in mid-chastisement, though, comes for me the bed and the domestic setting: pillows, coverlet, her clothing (or lack of it!) and jewelry. Transferring the ultimate schoolroom implement to the bedroom and putting the chastised female body into nice party-level underwear (bra, garter-belt, stockings) says to me that the husband (as I can't help thinking of the unseen cane-wielder) holding the cane feels the need to teach a lesson.

I think for me the cane is always for teaching a lesson: that's where the lovely marks on her bottom come in, and make me think of my unquenchable arousal at so many pictures and prose depictions of young women contemplating their crimes as they lie in bed, feeling the cane's terrible work on their posteriors, gently rubbing the stripes made by the firm guiding hand of authority. Always, of course, these young women are ashamed of how aroused they become as they think about their canings; almost always, they find themselves unable to refrain from repeating their lewd activities even as they still feel the smart of the retribution those activities called down.

Last, the position of the arms speaks eloquently of a girl's need to rub, but of the the stern measures that she knows will be taken if she tries: the tension of her arms resonates with the tension that flows through the entire scene. Somehow the way her arms are shaped tells you that her feet are kicking, too. Such helpless efforts in the face of painful, shameful discipline only further charm the viewer--for of course she will take her punishment, no matter how she kicks.

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