Friday, March 13, 2015

To spank a movie star #SatSpanks

My new book Her Shameful Audition is about the reigning Academy-Award-winning best actress and the man who takes her in hand.

It may or may not have been connected that after breaking up with Heather, he fell asleep thinking about spanking Kirsten August. Well, fell asleep after jerking off, thinking about spanking Kirsten August.

Her character in The Haunted Air refused to see that her premonition of the plane-crash hadn't caused the plane to crash. She kept blaming herself, breaking down in an elevator before finding the strength to carry on (this was the scene that all the critics called "Oscar-worthy," and it was indeed extremely moving). In Michael's imagination, he entered the elevator, and pushed the emergency stop. Then he told Kirsten to bend over and touch her toes, and he pulled her skirt up, and her panties down (in a previous scene, a bedroom scene, she had been wearing some very lacy pink ones). Then he spanked her bare bottom very hard, telling her that she must not blame herself: to submit to a higher power would make her stronger in the end.

Cick here to buy the book on Amazon! Here's the blurb:

After a particularly shameful photo of twenty-three-year-old movie star Kirsten August is leaked online, her fall from grace is swift and she is soon without a job and feeling hopeless. When handsome, confident screenwriter Michael Rollins finds her crying in a local coffee shop and offers to cheer her up, Kirsten agrees to give him a chance.

Upon learning that Michael is working on a screenplay about romance and kinky sex, Kirsten presses him for details. It turns out that the screenplay mirrors her own situation in many ways, which upsets Kirsten at first, until she considers that this may be the only role she is offered for a while and if she plays the part well she might earn back some respect in the industry.

But when she asks to try out for the role, she is shocked to discover what Michael has planned for the audition: he will have her recreate the moment she took the fateful selfie, and then he will give her the bare bottom spanking she deserves. Kirsten quickly realizes that if she accepts this part, she won’t just be submitting to her director’s instructions while the cameras are rolling. Though she blushes to admit it, the thought of being stripped bare, punished thoroughly, and dominated completely excites her deeply, but is she truly ready to put herself in Michael’s hands so that he can train her to be his?

Publisher’s Note: Her Shameful Audition is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Being in an elevator adds to the fantasy for me.

  2. wonderful description.. of the sexy action and the captive envrionment. great snippet!

  3. Oh, the anticipation - very hot scene.

  4. Love this scene--and your blurb. :) They both made me bite my lip.

  5. What is it about elevators?? Fantasy fodder for sure :)

  6. Yeah, the elevator is hot. And what if someone from maintenance comes to check why the elevator is stopped and catches you mid-spank?

  7. 'What is it about elevators?' - good line from a bad movie, but this one sounds awesome, Emily