Monday, March 9, 2015

Lori-Anne's mama needs to know how things are #TabooTuesday

The whole story so far can be found here.

"No, mom doesn't know that part," Lori-Anne whispered.

"But she's coming to the wedding, isn't she?"

Lori-Anne could only nod, the tears starting to run down her face.

"What did you tell her she was coming to see?" The condescending puzzlement in Kay's voice made Lori-Anne feel faint.

"I told her it was a big party that my friends were throwing for me." The whole thing seemed so foolish to Lori-Anne now, here in the car with Kay. She had somehow deluded herself into thinking that if her mom could see how much Joe loved her, and what good care Kay took of her, and how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown, her mom would suddenly come around and see how happy Lori-Anne was to be Joe Weston's Christian bride.

"Well," Kay said matter-of-factly, "Joe's gonna hear about this. He's not gonna be happy that your mama doesn't understand the way things are."

Keep up that taboo!

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