Monday, March 30, 2015

The preacher's chance to sample Lori-Anne #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

That Sunday, as Joe had promised, he brought Lori-Anne to church to get her baptized. The preacher at Joe's church was a very open-minded and liberal clergyman in certain ways, but also very conservative in others. He made it clear to Joe that he would have to examine Lori-Anne very carefully, and in private, before he would consent to baptize her.

Joe was a little taken aback, since he tended to get his own way in every situation, but he knew to be humble before the Lord. He also had a feeling he knew why Reverend White really wanted to get Lori-Anne alone before the baptism.

The preacher himself confirmed that suspicion almost immediately. "As you know, Joe, I understand completely about what we can just call Lori-Anne's biological realities. We discussed that thoroughly two years ago, when I first got to town, if you'll recall."

"And I'm very grateful for your understanding of my preferences, reverend," Joe said, nodding."I think the time has probably come, now that you've found a sweet little thing like Lori-Anne, to tell you that I share those preferences, and that before I baptize her I'd like to take her into my study and get a nice, thorough, sampling of the bridal charms."

Taboo ahoy!

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