Monday, March 16, 2015

Kay writes to Lori-Anne's mama #TabooTuesday

The whole story so far can be found here.

And so Kay took it upon herself to write a note to Lori-Anne's mama, when she had discussed the matter with Joe. Joe had invited Kay to watch him punish Lori-Anne, and so they drafted the note together sitting on the couch while Lori-Anne wept with her nose to the corner of the living room and her bare bottom showing a mess of angry red welts from Joe's broad leather belt.

Dear Mrs. Cohen, the note went, My name is Kay Weston, and I'm going to be your daughter Lori-Anne's sister-in-law in just a few weeks. I know you're scratching your head, thinking I must have the wrong Mrs. Cohen, but it's time you knew that your "son" "Wesley" is really a daughter, named Lori-Anne. I'm happy to say that my brother Joe has taken Lori-Anne in hand, and is providing her with the discipline she so richly needs. I'm also happy to say that this Sunday Lori-Anne will be baptized into the true faith, so you needn't worry at all about the state of her soul. Finally, I'm thrilled to say that on Saturday the 25th, Joe will make an honest woman of your daughter, and that the party to which Lori-Anne invited you is actually her wedding to my brother! I know you'll be as thrilled as I am by the transformation Joe has brought about in your daughter: when I first met Lori-Anne, she was a willful, vain creature who didn't know how to please a man properly, but Joe has cured her of those unsubmissive ways.

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  1. I love the note, Emily. The word choice is perfect for the tone of the story.