Monday, March 23, 2015

Her daughter's good fortune #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here. We're continuing with a letter Kay, Lori-Anne's future sister-in-law, is writing to Lori-Anne's mother, Mrs. Cohen.


In fact, Mrs. Cohen, you'll probably be quite surprised to learn that your daughter received a whipping just tonight, for the disrespect she showed her fiancé while she and I were out shopping for her wedding gown this afternoon. I witnessed the whipping myself, and I can report that my brother knows how to tan a hide so that a girl learns her lesson. Lori-Anne is standing right across the room from me right now, with her nose to the corner, and her backside is covered with a mess of pretty red streaks. I don't think she'll be sassing anyone again soon, and so you can expect her to be on her best behavior when she sees you at the wedding.
Just so's you understand how it is, Mrs. Cohen, Lori-Anne has learned to take my brother's manhood deep down her throat, but she'll be a virgin on her wedding-night, and entitled to wear that white gown. Don't worry your pretty head about your daughter's lack of "real" lady bits, because that's just how Joe likes her: he often tells me that the thought of using what Lori-Anne does have just like a traditional bridegroom does with a traditional bride, all night long, thrills him even more when he thinks of what a special kind of love he and your sweet daughter have.
Well, I'd better go, Mrs. Cohen. Joe wants me to help Lori-Anne get ready to please him with her mouth. I can't wait to meet you and congratulate you on your daughter's good fortune!
Very truly yours,
Kay Weston
How can you resist more taboo?  

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  1. what amazing levels of taboo in this part,Emily! Lori-Anne's poor mother