Monday, December 1, 2014

The birds and the bees, from a bounty hunter

I love this naughty scene from The Outlaw's Daughter. You know me—it let me get my shame on.

“Oh!” Maggie said, breaking the kiss. “I’m… I mean, something’s happening… in my pussy.”

“Are you getting wet?” Travis asked softly.

“Mm-hmm,” she replied, looking up into his eyes with that trusting expression that had made him kiss her, because it didn’t seem like another choice existed for him. “What is it?”

Travis shook his head in wonder. Of all the things he thought that bounty hunting might bring him, an innocent, naughty girl like Maggie Curtin sitting on his lap and telling him her pussy was wet because of a whipping he had given her and his telling her about his cock, and kissing her… well, the thought had never occurred to him. Maybe the idea of making her show him her pussy, to teach her about modesty, hadn’t been exactly the best one he’d ever had.

Or, from another perspective of course, perhaps it had been.

“It means you’re ready to fuck, Maggie,” he said, very gently.

“What’s that?” Travis had felt wicked and even a little brutal to say ‘fuck’ that way, since his mama had taught him never to say that kind of word to a girl, and though some of the girls he had had said those things, he’d never returned the favor. Maggie’s reaction, though, because of course she had never heard the word, made him think that things might be different with her: the way her eyes opened with wonder, and a bit of shame just at the sound of the word, aroused Travis more than he’d ever want to admit.

“Fucking is what a man wants to do with his cock, inside a girl’s pussy,” he said, trying to be as matter-of-fact as he could.

“But Travis, I don’t understand what that means. How could the cock get inside the pussy?”

If he had difficulty stopping himself from giving a practical lesson before, now he felt it took a superhuman effort not to tell her to get back on the bed so he could show her his raging cock, and how it could go inside her pussy. He swallowed hard, stroked her hair, and felt his attitude go back to that of the protector and the teacher.

When he thought his blood had cooled enough, he said, “I reckon I’ve told you enough about that for now.”

Maggie pouted. “Will you tell me more, sometime? Sometime soon? Maybe you could, you know, show me?”

“Lord, Maggie, you have no idea how much I want to show you.” He couldn’t help it; it just came from his heart—and his cock—out through his mouth.

Her eyes widened again at the tone in his voice, which wasn’t nearly as gentle as it had been when he was teaching her. He had heard, in his own words, a hunger for his innocent new bounty-hunting partner that he didn’t think he’d ever felt for a woman before.

“Does that mean you want to… fuck me, Travis?”

“Oh, Maggie, honey, yes. You’re a mighty pretty little lady, just like the stationmaster said, and your pussy is so sweet that any man would want to have you that way. But this is the thing that I really need to teach you: fucking is something people do when they’re ready. A lot of people think that that means they have to be married. I don’t hold with that myself, and it appears that your ma and your pa didn’t hold with it, or else you wouldn’t be here.”

“What do you mean?” Maggie asked.

“I mean that fucking is what makes a baby in a woman’s belly.”

“Oh.” Maggie greeted this news with an adorably furrowed brow.

“A man has something called his seed, and it comes out through his cock, and when it’s inside a girl it can make her get big with a baby.”

“Oh. So is that why you have to be ready?”

“That’s part of it, honey. The other part is that it makes a man and a woman get so close together that I think somethin’ happens inside their hearts, and if they’re not fixin’ to stay together for a while—a good long while—one of them could get hurt, or both of them could. Now when people get a little older, and understand more about what fucking means, it gets easier to not get hurt, but if I’m goin’ to be the one to make a woman of you that way, we need to wait a while. I can make pretty sure you won’t get pregnant, but it’s gonna hurt your first time, and I want you to feel like you gave your girlhood to the right man.”

Maggie nodded thoughtfully, and Travis held her closer, then let her go. “Alright,” he said, “get your britches back on. We’re gonna go have dinner in the restaurant.”

“The what?”

Travis chuckled and told her, as her eyes grew wide again at the thought that they could sit at a table where people came and brought you food that they’d cooked somewhere else.

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