Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A very naughty Victorian Christmas Eve: what Emily is up to

I feel very naughty posting this today, but I do, thanks to Charles Dickens I think, associate the Victorian period with Christmas. Mary is Anne and Charlotte's lady's maid.

"This evening," Anne said, "I am afraid, Mary, that you will receive a much more thorough lesson in the ways of Mr. Vance and Sir Gerald than you had even in that alley, and in the pantry when you sucked Sir Gerald's cock."

Charlotte released Mary from her arms, and Mary looked with wide eyes, but more composure, at Anne. "What do you mean, miss?"

"I fear," Anne said, "that after dinner you are to be bound upon the special divan in the drawing room and shared by Sir Gerald and Mr. Vance."

"Shared, miss?" Mary's voice quavered terribly.

"With their cocks, Mary," Charlotte whispered, the words almost a tiny sob. "And we are to be your attendants, to prepare you and to assist in this wicked deed."

"B-but… Miss Anne," Mary stammered, "how can a girl be 'shared' like that?"

Anne could read in the girl's face that she had an inkling, but refused to allow herself to understand that she had guessed correctly.

"You will see, Mary," Anne said, as gently as she could.

"But I won't," Mary replied, attempting defiance. "I won't do it. I shall leave this house."

"No," Charlotte said, weeping now herself. "You shall not. If you refuse, you are to be thrashed until you consent."

"You wouldn't, Miss Charlotte!" Mary cried. "You are too good! You will help me escape!"

"No," Anne said, "she will not. Even if perhaps she had the inclination to help you thus, Mary, she would have me to reckon with. If you were to escape, Miss Charlotte's and my lives would end, for you would take the guineas, and sell the story."

"I wouldn't!"

"You do not think you would; I can easily believe that," Anne said, her own masterful streak coming out and drowing her guilt in its flood of lubricious heat. "But I know the realities of this world. You will not escape this house, Mary. You must choose to go over the divan as a willing victim with your bottom ungraced by the marks of the cane, or as a slightly less willing victim with as many of those terrible stripes as is required to render you amenable to the cocks of our gentlemen."

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