Monday, December 15, 2014

Lori-Anne at the salon #Taboo2sday

I've gathered the story so far on this page.
The beauty-parlor came first. It was a very special establishment, which Kay had actually had a hand in financing and, like Lori-Anne herself, the salon was her pride and joy. 
There, the make-up Lori-Anne had put on herself was removed, and her long hair was washed with the skillful hands of Yolanda, the owner of the salon. Lori-Anne blushed deeply, of course, to have the evidence revealed that she was not everything she wished she were, but Kay reassured her. 
"Don't you worry, sweetheart. Joe understands that it's going to take a lot of work to make you into the girl he sees inside you." 
Yolanda, who lived for Kay's transformational work, and loved to contemplate all the various facets of it, said, "We'll be sure your special little pussy looks just the way your groom wants it sweetheart. He's really not going to care about a tiny bit of stubble on your legs when he turns you over and has you spread your cheeks for him."
Don't stop your taboo delight there! 

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  1. what an intriguing piece! I love Yolanda's comments in this one