Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Joe's sister, Lori-Anne's emasculator #Taboo2sday

The saga continues from here.
Kay Weston, big Joe's sister, delighted in serving the perfect complement to her brother, when it came to getting his "girls" ready. She had accepted when they were both still in early adolescence (Kay was five years older than Joe) that Joe's erotic orientation deviated from the norms to which their Baptist parents adhered. Kay herself had her own deviations, and they meshed beautifully with Joe's: Kay liked to put boys in their place, and deprive them of their masculinity, and Joe liked to fuck the girls Kay made for him. 
Lori-Anne had already been Kay's masterpiece, before Joe asked her to marry him. Kay considered that in bringing the two of them to the altar, and in bringing Lori-Anne over into the light from the benighted faith of her birth, she had begun a great and holy work of emasculation. 
Now, picking Lori-Anne up at her little apartment for the wedding-dress expedition, Kay could hardly contain her pride at the how feminine Lori-Anne moved, getting into the car just like a blushing bride should, with her feet tucked under her. Lori-Anne's long, reddish hair was gathered into a pony-tail, and Kay could see that she had applied her make-up very carefully. 
But Kay's method did not involve much praise. "We'll have to wax you much more thoroughly for the wedding, girl," she said. "Joe doesn't want to feel anything but a smooth cheek when he's fucking your face."
Don't stop your taboo delights there!

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  1. oh great fun :D I love how Joe and Kay match each others sexualities