Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh, those former Navy SEAL bodyguards: what Emily is up to

I'm incredibly excited to be starting a new book almost at New Year's--my first foray into what I think of as the "spanking bodyguard" genre!

It was worse than the death-threat. It was worse, because Charity knew it was her fault, for sneaking out, and because she knew there was no way she was going to avoid it: former Navy SEAL Ryan Bedford was about to spank spoiled socialite activist Charity Phillips.

"Please do it over my clothes," Charity squeaked, looking up at him, not even knowing what she was saying.

"Bad girls don't get to say how they're punished, Charity," Ryan replied. He had gotten to within a foot of the sofa.

"With my panties on, please? Please?"

Ryan shook his head, and reached out his long arms. Charity felt herself freeze up completely. "Alright," she whispered, her teeth chattering in fear so that she could hardly speak. "I'll… I'll…"

She had meant to say, "I'll get over your lap," but Ryan didn't let her finish the sentence, which Charity wasn't even sure she would have been able to make good on, so frightened was she by his huge form, looming over her. She felt his hands take hold of her, one at her shoulder and the other around her waist, and then he was turning her, upending her, putting her face-down over the arm of the sofa.

At first Charity was so shocked, in her slightly tipsy state, that he had actually taken bodily hold of her, that she put up no resistance, but when she felt Ryan reach around to the front of her jeans and start to unbutton them, she started to yell, and to kick.

"No! You can forget about this, asshole!" At least she had made it impossible for him to take her jeans down, for the moment. He had to use his left arm to hold her down over the padded arm of the green sofa.

"You, Charity, can forget about me not doing this," he said, still in that infuriatingly calm voice. She wondered suddenly whether she would ever be able to get him to lose his temper, and to her astonishment she found that even here and now, clearly unable to avoid getting a spanking from him in his calm state, she wanted to try to make him angry. Stupid, stupid, stupid! shouted a part of her mind, while another said, If he thinks he can make me obey him, he hasn't seen disobedience yet.


  1. Very sexy! Love his calm, quiet manner and her panicked response. Your books are always a cut above the rest!