Monday, December 1, 2014

Lori-Anne's reluctance to convert is overcome #Taboo2sday

The story continues from last week!
Lori-Anne said, "Are you sure, Joe? Couldn't I attend church for a few months and see if it's right for me?" 
But Joe sighed, and said, "Lori-Anne, I gotta spank you now, I guess, to get my point across." Without another word, and in an instant, Joe had turned Lori-Anne over his lap, and bared her bottom, which Lori-Anne was at least proud to remember she had waxed for him, that morning. Lori-Anne liked how firm her bottom-cheeks were--Joe praised her often and said how much he looked forward to opening them up and going for his first ride there, on their wedding-night. She didn't like how hard Big Joe Weston spanked, though, and she was crying before he had even given her twenty spanks with the paddle Lori-Anne had carry around in her purse for the purpose. 
"Dammit, Lori-Anne," Joe said in and among the sharp cracks of the leather against Lori-Anne's bottom. "Why can't I get it through your pretty little head that if you want to be saved, converting to the true faith is the only way. Do you want to burn in hellfire, girl?"
"No, Joe," Lori-Anne sobbed. 
"Good. We'll get you baptized this Sunday, just like we planned, and my sister Kay will take you wedding-dress shopping and to the beauty-parlor on Saturday."
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  1. This is a very intriguing piece in this series, Emily. I love how Joe lays out his point of view. The detail of the waxed asschecks is perfect