Friday, December 12, 2014

That feeling when you've come 18 lightyears to get a paddling #SatSpanks

I think of this book as my first "hard" sci-fi story. Like a lot of hard sci fi, it plays with social conventions. Kayla Lourcy has just woken up from cryo-sleep to find that her new home, the planet Draco, has some regulations she didn't expect.
Now Kayla was nearly shouting, with vocal cords that ached with the effort, after having been idle so long. "I want to talk to Patrick McDowell. You're not going to do this, so you had better just calm the fuck down with your corporal punishment bullshit." 
Marjorie remained utterly, maddeningly calm. "We learned the hard way here on Draco that order and discipline are much more important things when you're fighting the environment for your very survival than they are when you're just making money off your rich daddy's business." 
"How dare you?! My father drove himself to an early grave…" 
Marjorie nodded to Sandra. Kayla's voice trailed away at the sight of that nod. Sandra, who Kayla now noted was a very sizable woman of twenty or so, reached out and grabbed Kayla, spun her around, and twisted her arm behind her back.
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  1. SciFi was never my thing but I've changed my mind after reading spanking sci fi.

  2. Uh oh, I think she'll be experiencing some corporal punishment bullshit.

  3. Sizable woman? Yikes!

    1. I love Sandra! She comes back later to teach anal sex class! :D

  4. What a change of pace for you, but I like what I read. It takes talent to create a whole society with it's rules and nuances.

  5. I really like this, Emily :) I'm interested now :D