Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Space opera, with c-whipping and pleasure-saddles: what Emily is up to

I'm not sure I can go back, after writing two sci-fi books. You just get to make up the most wonderful things.
So Leka should have been, if Hend understood how her breeding and education worked together, resistant to being claimed, but then submissive to Hend fucking her. Something more lay inside Leka's psyche, though, with regard to Hend: he knew it was there, but he couldn't put his finger on it, or name it. Some bond existed from Leka to him, mirroring the bond he felt from himself to her, the bond of care that he had felt on Yeg, even as he had watched her masturbate for him, on the other side of the window. That bond, the feeling that he must keep Leka safe and make her as happy as he could, had grown so strong now that it was almost physically painful to him to tell her that he would whip her cunt. 
But he had done it, because it seemed to him that that fear lay very close to the center of her emotional and erotic being. And when he had said it, she had responded with the question about her pleasure-saddle. The way she asked that questioned revealed that far from a frivolous sex-toy, that saddle had a very special meaning for her, and that that meaning had everything to do with the desire she felt to be a good girl for Hend--exactly the desire he would have thought her breeding made it impossible for her to feel, since she was supposed to a good girl only for her true master. 
Cunt-whipping and pleasure-saddles, Hend thought. Two sides of the same riddle?

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