Monday, December 22, 2014

Big Joe's plans for before Lori-Anne's reception #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

"But," said Lori-Anne, "that will be after the reception, so I'll need to look perfect until then, won't I?" She looked anxiously at Kay, who stood with her back to the counter, watching Yolanda work on Lori-Anne's face, applying a layer of foundation so smooth that Kay could hardly believe she wasn't looking at Lori-Anne's own skin. "He'll have hours to look at my hair, and my dress, and my makeup."

Yolanda glanced at Kay. The beauty-salon owner knew Joe almost as well as Kay herself did--and both of them knew him better than Lori-Anne.

"Well," Kay said slowly, "if I know Big Joe…"

Lori-Anne's eyes opened wide, in alarm. Kay could see that her future sister-in-law knew Joe well enough that any time Kay brought up something about him that made him stand out from other bridegrooms, it couldn't bode well for her dreams of playing the treasured princess.

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