Monday, October 20, 2014

Jenna's sex lesson gets even more taboo #Taboo2sday

Well, that was fun, last week. Let's keep going. Remember that Phil is Jenna's stepfather, and that it's Jenna's 18th birthday.
Wasting no time, Phil worked his left hand inside the stretch cotton of Jenna's boy-short pajama bottoms. Really he wasn't in all that big a hurry to get the pajamas off her, because he liked to play with a girl's lingerie a bit first--especially if the girl were inexperienced, like Jenna. 
"Daddy, that tickles," she protested, as his fingers began to play with her virignal cunt. 
"Shh, baby. Daddy just wants to make his birthday girl feel good." 
"But it feels so funny!" 
"I know, Jenna, but you're going to get used to it. We're going to do this a lot. Every morning and every night." 
"Why, daddy?" 
"Daddy needs to teach you how to please him."
If you like that, you may want to check out The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls.


  1. Oh I like this part too, Emily. Every morning and night :D The tickles comment is so gloriously sweet

  2. RE: the cake pic. I went into a sugar coma looking at it. Happy now? So you bolded the word 'step' AND put in the "18" cake and you're still going to hell. Nice try, Tilton. BTW, I was gonna write something just for this hop too, this week, but I got lazy. See, even my comment is lazy. Do a lazy comment on my post too. Commenting is just too hard. Which is why I'm going with this stream-of-consciousness thing here, in-between sips of espresso. I could write a poem for you, I guess.

    Eighteen years old, it says on the cake
    Tilton will still go to hell and will bake
    Sense is what Sheri's comments don't make
    Awkward in poetry, what a mistake.

    1. Honey Badger has tears in his eyes, at your glorious verse.

  3. yum. And again yum. I recently purchased a whole bunch of taboo books off Armazon that were Daddy/daughter related.

    And it reminds me - I NEED to read that book. It's sitting on my kindle for god's sake!