Thursday, October 9, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: blue lace and chocolate redux

(See here for an index to this series)

James handed her the slim box, and watched silently as she opened it, and looked at the blue lace panties. Anna had never been given lingerie by any man before, let alone one she had just met ten minutes before at a cocktail party. She couldn't deny that there was something about him that had drawn her to him, when he had approached and said "Come with me," but the way he had steered her into this bedroom was becoming a little more scary than it was sexy. 

"Put them on, now," he said, softly. 

"What?" Anna asked, in shock. 

"You heard me. Put them on right now, or get a spanking, Anna." 

"How do you know my name?" 

"Our host told me you would be perfect for my special display." 

Anna just looked at him, unable to think of anything but the threat of a spanking if she refused to strip and put on the beautiful panties right there in front of him. The idea of a "display" hadn't even registered, nor, really, had the idea of the host of the party giving her to this stranger in some way. True, she was desperate for a job at the man's restaurant, but. . . 

Then James moved quickly, and before she knew what was happening Anna was over the bed, with her skirt up, and her demure white cotton panties down around her knees. 

"I know you want this, Anna, so I'm giving it to you," he said, and began to spank her. 

In the beautiful blue lace panties, ten minutes later, now soaking wet from the orgasm James had forced her to once she had finally pulled them up over her punished bottom, she lay as he had arranged her, upon the table at the center of the party, while he placed his stock-in-trade, fabulous chocolates, upon her stomach and thigh. 

"They will smell you through the lace as they sample the chocolates; it is a great delicacy, and the reason the restaurant needs someone just like you, Anna."


This one was an interesting challenge, because it took me a while to figure out why I had my initial arousal response when I first glimpsed it. I like blue in general (in fact it's really my favorite color for just about everything except lingerie) but blue lace panties aren't a big turn on for me in and of themselves. Something about the combination of the chocolates and the slightly contorted arrangement of the female stomach, hips, and thighs, in combination with the lace, though, was strongly arresting.

There also is no obvious BDSM element in the photo (no leather, no chains). Indeed I think that it's actually the subtlety of the placement of the chocolate casually on either side of the panties, some on the stomach, some on the thigh, that constitutes the essential hotness here, which I then tried to elaborate in the little story: the implication that comes through to me is of a Master who uses his submissive's body to set off his chocolates, rather than using his chocolates to set off his submissive's body. That is, the girl is being treated like a plate, and her panties like a doily.

That led me on into thinking about where a Master might choose to make such a display, and the public element of the cocktail party came naturally. Being displayed as a sort of minor ornament is a strange little fantasy that goes deep to my erotic core. In the fantasy, I'm not the main attraction, but my Master has decided that I might as well be put on show naked, since it's that kind of occasion.

Some might wonder "Why the spanking?" since I've just arguned that the essential hotness is elsewhere, in the relationship between the panties and the chocolate. My answer is really simply that for something to be really, really hot for me, it just always has to involve a spanking. As most spankos would agree, I think, for us spanking is a kind of 
sine qua non of eroticism. If my character Anna were going to be as aroused as necessary for the display I envisaged to be complete, she was going to have to be spanked.