Monday, October 27, 2014

The ageplay "program" par excellence: A Little Twist, with Abbie Adams

This one has been in the works for a very long time. Writing with Abbie has been a hoot! This excerpt is from my part of the book, which tells the story of Sara, one of Abbie's wonderful characters from the series up to this point, A Little Training and A Little Trouble.
"All right, Sara," he said, when his little girl and her one suitcase were standing in the big foyer, "why don't we get your things up to your room?" 
"I have my own room?" 
Mark laughed. "Of course, sweetheart." Carrying her suitcase, he led her up the stairs, to the little room right next to his own master-suite. 
"I don't get to sleep in there with you?" Sara asked, pointing at the master-suite and standing outside the door of her own pink-bedecked bedroom. The petulance was getting a little more noticeable. Mark wondered whether she had any control over it, or whether it just came out. 
"Well," he said, looking at her seriously, "when Daddy brings you to his bed, you'll sleep there sometimes. But your room is where you'll sleep most nights." 
"Will you... bring me there tonight?" 
"I probably will, Sara, if you're good for me today. Daddy has been looking forward to having a little girl for a long time, and he wants to have big-girl time with you as soon as he can." 
Sara blushed, and he thought for a moment she actually seemed happy, but then suddenly a look of defiance seemed to take hold of her face, and she narrowed her eyes and looked at him with hostility. "What if I don't want to?" she said. 
Mark looked back at her levelly. "We're going to have big-girl time tonight whether you want it or not, Sara. Daddy can make big-girl time nice for you, or he can just have his way, and it won't be fun for you at all. I think you know that, don't you?" 
Sara's delicate blush crept across her face, but she said nothing. 
"I think you need to go into your room and lie down and think about the way you're acting right now, Sara," Mark said, sternly. This wasn't the way he had hoped it would go, but he had realized that some such situation might unfold, and he had prepared himself mentally for what he knew he would almost certainly have to do. 
"No," she said, calmly. 
"Last chance, sweetheart," Mark said. "I think you know what's going to happen if you don't do as I tell you." 
"No," Sara said again. 
Calmly, but quickly, Mark reached out, and took her by her upper left arm. When she struggled, he gripped more firmly, but only so as to immobilize her, and not so as to hurt her. He pulled her into her bedroom, where there was a big high-backed chair he had bought for exactly this purpose. 
"Daddy!" Sara screamed, "I meant I don't know. I'll lie down! I'll do it." 
"Nice try, young lady," Mark said. "I know exactly what you meant. I'm going to spank you so hard now that you won't be sitting down this evening. You need to understand that I expect obedience from you."
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  1. Just downloaded this book and plan on getting it read and reviewed. Yes, the cover on my Kindle doesn't look like above. It's the story that matters the most! Congratulations on a new release.