Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The cowboy and the reporter get very, very dirty: What Emily is up to

I'm finishing up my Western non-con ageplay book!
Victoria obeyed him instantly, turning over and crawling towards him until she could sit back on her heels on the edge of the bed, her face only a few inches from Ross' hard cock. 
"What do you think of your new toy, darlin'?" he asked, feeling his mouth twist into a mischievous smile. 
"Oh, daddy," Victoria said with one of her adorable little giggles, "it's so big! Is it all mine?" 
"Well, if you take good care of it," Ross answered. "Can you show me how you can take good care of Daddy's cock?" He hardly knew what had got into him--he had never been this dirty with any other little girl with whom he'd played. He looked down at Victoria's face, framed in her cute raven-black pigtails tied in the pink ribbons, and put out his hand to stroke her cheek, wondering if the even dirtier impulse he had now was something he should let out of his imagination. She looked so innocent, and so little, naked and bare and pigtailed. 
But then her lips twitched naughtily, and Ross couldn't contain his dirty ageplay mind. "Daddy's gonna put his cock in his little lady's mouth, now," he said quietly.
Coming pretty soon, I think! Also, my first two audiobooks (Their Firm Men and Her Doctor's Orders) should appear over the next few weeks!

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