Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yep, that outlaw's daughter turned out to be a spanko: what Emily is up to

Who woulda thunk it? Just for fun, and hotness, these are literally the current final words of my manuscript.
"Oh!" Maggie said, breaking the kiss. "I'm… I mean, something's happening… in my pussy." 
"Are you getting wet?" Travis asked softly. 
"Mm-hmm," she replied looking up into his eyes with that trusting expression that had made him kiss her, because it didn't seem like another choice existed for him. "What is it?" 
Travis shook his head in wonder. Of all the things he thought that bounty hunting might bring him, an innocent, naughty girl like Maggie Curtin sitting his lap and telling him her pussy was wet because of a whipping he had given her and his telling her about his cock, and kissing her… well, the thought had never occurred to him. Maybe the idea of making her show him her pussy, to teach her about modesty, hadn't been exactly the best one he'd ever had. 
Or, from another perspective of course, perhaps it had been. 
"It means you're ready to fuck, Maggie," he said, very gently. 
So it's a little out there, at the end. But this is me we're talking about. 

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