Monday, October 27, 2014

The altering, in the ageplay program #Taboo2sday

When Abbie Adams asked if I'd like to co-write the third book in her "Little" series, I said "Yesyesyes." The reason, above all, was the special shots, which bring about what Abbie, with incredible hotness, calls "the altering."
He reached down, and at last he touched her there, and rubbed gently. Sara gave an unladylike moan. "Naughty," Mark said. "Very naughty." She moaned again, her eyes still closed.  
He looked down at her pussy, where his fingers were fondling so very gently. Trace had told him about the effect of the altering, and now he could feel it for himself, as he ever so tenderly began to work his middle finger inside the tunnel of her sweet little cunt.  
Sara cried out in discomfort. "Please, Daddy, no!" Her pussy was tighter than any he'd ever felt before, but the thought only made him harder.
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  1. wow, definitely intensely hot! hm :D the altering, my mind's going places with that. I love your yesyesyess, Emily :D

  2. altering - oh, inquiring minds want to know

  3. I don't do the AP thang in fiction or anywhere else, and of course, YKINMKBYKIOK! Kink on, Tilton, kink on.