Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Emily is up to, for 2 July 2014

I'm sad that the DungeonCrawl is no more, but I'll take the opportunity to try something new and give a newsletter-y kind of peek into current events in my "real" writing life. 

(Remember that in italics I'm "real"--the scare-quotes are important, because "real" Emily is also a character--the human-rights lawyer I describe in my profile and in EXPLORATIONS. Actual me, who is probably not legally named Emily, plays that character when I can. I definitely write her books.)

So, besides the continuing promo-period, as I think of it, for An Extreme Marriage, the big news is that the next thing I release will be the 37th and FINAL book of EXPLORATIONS: Emily's Journey Home. To get people ready for that, I'm going to try a couple of different experiments in social media fun:
  • First of all (I think of this as the Cadillac option), if you can answer five trivia questions about the first sixteen books of EXPLORATIONS, I will supply to you, at no charge, ALL the collections from 17-32 (a $16 value!!!). If you want to get ready for 37, of course, you'll have to buy 33-36, BUT:
  • Second of all, if you sign up for a continuing weekly newsletter thing, I'll give you a book of EXPLORATIONS, from the 33-36 range, FREE!
Those are the programs I have in mind, and they'll be be starting Monday. If you can think of anything else I should do that would get you ready for the STUNNING CONCLUSION, let me know!


  1. Quite a contest. So...Emily is Emily...except when she's not.

    1. :D Yes! Exactly! Or. . . figuratively, maybe. . .