Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Emily is up to, for 16 July 2014

Now that the final book of EXPLORATIONS is available, it's going to be all Institute all the time for a bit. Breaking Abigail is about to come out, and I'm working on At Leo's Command. Here's a tease:
The first time Kristin saw the man, she saw him through a window. She hadn't meant to look, but something about the way the shapes of the two people inside the room moved, just as she glimpsed them in the cracks between the blinds, had made her body respond before her mind could register why, and she stepped forward without thinking about it. 
Kristin approached the window knowing from those moving shapes, and from the dark fantasies that never left her, in a way that went deeper than words, that there was a girl getting a spanking over a man's knee. One of the shapes looked tall, and the other looked shorter: the taller one had moved as if he were sitting down, and the shorter one had moved much more rapidly, in an angled, downward direction, as if the man had pulled her over his lap. 
Kristin didn't know whether really she wanted there to be some way to see what was going on in the living-room of the little house in suburban Richmond or not, but there was a tiny opening between the left side of the blind and the frame of the window. Not caring--not even thinking to care--whether there were anyone on the quiet street who might call the police when they saw twenty-three year old Kristin Harper, 5'6", brown hair, brown eyes, playing peeping Tom, she leaned forward. An instant later, her face burning with shame, Kristin walked away and didn't look back. 
Inside, seen through the reflection of her own eye, the man, naked, sat on a wooden chair. He was muscled like an action hero; he had brown hair and a chiselled face. A girl, with blonde hair, who had clearly been crying because of the flaming red bottom the man must have given her just a moment before, knelt in front of him, confronted by his cock. Her hands were bound behind her in leather cuffs. 
The man had clearly commanded the girl to take him in her mouth, because on her face there was the same look Kristin had imagined so many times her own might wear: frightened arousal--the look of a girl whom a man had to tell what to do, when it came to his cock, but who craved his cock, and his force, more than anything else in the world. 
And the man's cock. . . it was bigger than any other cock Kristin had ever seen, even in the porn videos she sometimes couldn't stop herself from surfing to, when the night got long and even her own darkest fantasies began to seem boring.
Bought and Trained and An Extreme Marriage, from this series of stand-alone books, are already available! 

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