Thursday, July 17, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: apparatus

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

Mary, having opened the strange, large package that had arrived via parcel-post with the card from her husband that said, "Please have this ready for tonight. You overdrew the bank account again," read the instruction manual. There was some relatively simple assembly to do, but she found her eye drawn to a longer section that concerned "Recommended use of the WIFE-CORRECTOR 3000™."

It read:

The most important preparation for using the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ is to ensure that the wife understands that she is going to be punished, and why. Be certain that you tell her at least a few hours in advance, and that you tell her exactly why you are going to spank her. We do not recommend telling her what implement you will use, or how many spanks she will receive, as to do so can spoil the correctional benefit of her anticipation.

Tell your wife when she will be spanked, and that she must report to the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ at that time, or receive additional punishment. We recommend that you also specify what she is to wear. We find the most beneficial effects tend to come when a spanking is given at bedtime. If you are new to wife-correction, we recommend telling her to wear a nightgown (no panties!), and then instructing her to remove it when her spanking is to begin. Though it may seem strange at first, punishing your naked wife will soon become a pleasant duty!

Have her stand respectfully next to the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ and await you. Several users of the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ tell us that they have their wives keep the apparatus polished and free of dust: making her clean the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ while she waits to be disciplined over it is reported to have very positive effects on a wife's future conduct.

When you arrive, tell her to remove any clothing you wish removed, and to put herself over the WIFE-CORRECTOR™. It may prove helpful to make her wait on the apparatus for a period; we find that results vary.

Spank her hard, whatever implement you choose to use (implements not included). We cannot emphasize this point strongly enough: if you want good results from your WIFE-CORRECTOR™, you must be sure to make your wife understand the need to mend her ways.

Some men like to lecture their wives as they punish them; others like to let the spanking speak for itself. We feel sure your instincts will tell you what works for you!

After you are done punishing her, you may well wish to use your marital privilege to enjoy your wife's charms (fore or aft--that's up to you! [lubricant not included]). That's where the patented KNEE-SEPARATION™ technology of the WIFE-CORRECTOR™ comes in! Step right up and take what's yours, and teach that wife the best kind of lesson in a husband's authority!

(Picture via DD Machinery.)


  1. what a wonderful set of instructions :D love this, Emily. the TM was fun.

  2. Talk about step by step instructions.

  3. Neat idea for the wife to have to clean and maintain the Corrector!