Monday, July 7, 2014

Emily's Journey Home is coming! With books for you, gratis!

UPDATE: Buy Emily's Journey Home here!

As I intimated last week, the next thing I'm going to release will be the LAST book of EXPLORATIONS, Emily's Journey Home. In honor of the end, I'm going to use the whole of Lady Godiva from Collier's painting, shown here. I also think I'll do a conventional blurb, like so:
The time has come at last for everyone to show his or her cards in the BDSM pseudo-religious community of Prophettown. The lascivious festival-play gets underway, with fantasy-Emily playing the Whore of the Nations, and being chastised and enjoyed accordingly. In the Victorian notebooks of her great-great-grandmother, Victorian Emily has an erotic encounter with the future Edward VII that will ennoble her even as it utterly degrades her in the dungeons of Windsor Castle. 
What will fantasy-Emily do about the vast wealth offered her by the Prophet? Will she help the women of Prophettown gain more control over their play life? Will her journey home be a happy one?
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, MMMMf (no sex among M's), FFFf, ffff, anal, spanking, exhibitionist sex athletics. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.
As if there were any doubt about the happiness of the journey home.

Much more importantly, though, I recognize how very hard a time a new reader of EXPLORATIONS might have getting up to speed. Therefore, for the next month, I'm going to be helping with that, by giving away PDFs of the previous books and collections according to several fun protocols. Do one, do a few, or, if you want to be completely ready for the release of Emily's Journey Home, do them all and earn the big bonus at the end!

  1. To receive a PDF of the first sixteen books of EXPLORATIONS (a $5.99 value!), sign up for my no-more-than-once-a-week mailing list by mailing me at etilton7981 AT the mail service provided by Google dot you-know-what.
  2. To receive a PDF of Books 17-20, +1 this post on Google Plus, and share it with something nice about my work.
  3. To receive a PDF of Books 21-24, like my page on Facebook, and let me know you did (or that you previously have!)
  4. To receive a PDF of Books 25-28, like my author page on, and let me know you did, and what number you were to like it.
  5. To receive a PDF of Books 29-32, tweet something nice about EXLORATIONS, with an @ to me.
  6. To receive PDFs of books 33-36 (the big bonus!) do all the above, plus write at least one review for a previous book or collection from EXPLORATIONS, anywhere you like.
I can't imagine that I'm going to be inundated with people who are so into this strange book/series/thing that they'll do the things above. I suppose that, just in case, though, I should ask you to be patient, should you decide to undertake this mission.

As always, whether you decide to play or not, thanks for your interest in my work!


  1. Hi Emily!!!

    Wow!! Thanks for the opportunity to catch up on your series!! :-D

    I did all of the above - emailed you (Love, Didi AKA Young Lady AKA Sarah Young), google connected, liked your page on FB, liked your author page on Amazon, tweeted what i hope was nice ;-), and reviewed Caroline's Rocking Horse on Blushing...

    Didi/Young Lady/Sarah Y

    1. Thanks sooooo much! (Didi etc. also got a special secret Easter Egg. You might, too!)