Friday, July 18, 2014

The last spanking #SatSpanks

So EXPLORATIONS proper is over, kind of. If you've been waiting to buy it because you thought it would never end, well, time to stop waiting! Here's a snippet from the very last spanking (that is, if you don't count "Then everyone whipped everyone else," which happens nearer to the end):
I was led back onto the stage for the next scene, and given to the four wives of the senior elder, modestly dressed, and hard at work on their sewing. I hope I made Jeremy Unger proud, licking the pussies under the table and making the wives scream. By the end I had all four sets of thighs wide open, and I was even mugging a little, showing those bare pussies off to the audience with little flourishes of my hand, and then going in with lips and tongue and making each pussy's owner scream. 
Just as in the Victorian version, as each girl came, she was pulled away by the elder, and put over a paradise-step to be beaten with the scarim, its twelvefold-lash falling over and over in chastisement as the girl wailed out her repentance for the pleasure I had given her. 
As the final one was punished, Charles entered, carrying my leash, and said, in the same thunderous tone with which he had cursed them, "Now is my curse fulfilled, for your wives are debauched, and shall prefer one another to thy authority!" 
He strode to me, and clipped the leash to my collar. "Come, whore," he said, "we shall return whence we came." 
But the Angel of Love appeared, and said, "No! Hold, sir! All this has been for the good pleasure of all! For is there a limit to the pleasure which a Son of the Prophecy has in chastising a naughty wife? In such wise, then, let there be no limit to the pleasure we all take together, now, at once! So fuck the whore before the faces of us all, to show us that Prophettown is at peace with the nations of the world!"
Horrifying, yes. But also intriguing?

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  1. Phew! I'm never quite sure where your Explorations will take us, and this one came as a surprise to me. Angel of Love. Interesting concept, that one, and a tantalizing snippet, Emily.

  2. Heavens that was hot. First pleasured orally, then shown off and then spanked for having enjoyed the pleasure.
    Does it really have to end?

    1. I think it has to "end"--but it will never END, if you know what I mean. :D

      Strangely, it became a little boring trying to top myself--which must mean that I found the darkest edges of my fantasies, for now. :)

  3. LOL. Horrifying and intriguing. :)

  4. You delve into fantasy like no one else. Great writing.

  5. That was a hot snippet Emily! Will Charles do as the Angel of Love said? I guess we will see :)

  6. That is a very intriguing snippet. I am left to wonder about what came before to bring about such a delightful scene. At first I thought she was to be punished or at least in service to the women, but then found out no, the women were 'proven' to be whore for enjoying her ministrations. It all sound delightful.