Friday, July 4, 2014

Crossing the spanking threshold #SatSpanks

Frank and Jenny, my hero and heroine in An Extreme Marriage, haven't really ever been able to communicate very well--especially when it comes to sex, and spanking. At the beginning of the book, though, that begins to change. . .
“If the Institute will have you, I am going to enroll you in this program. The evidence of my senses tells me that the Institute knows what they’re doing—it looks to me like they understand exactly why you have been unhappy, and why our marriage doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe it’s grasping at straws, but I never even imagined that you might masturbate while you looked at that pamphlet—and I know you’re claiming you didn’t, but I know what I saw and heard. This is going to happen, and if you say one word of protest, you are going to have your first spanking right here and right now.” 
The gratitude came back much stronger now that her husband in the flesh seemed to be moving the matter along in what Jenny knew had to be the right direction. Feeling like she was risking everything, but that she had no choice but to try, if this thing were going to work, Jenny said, “I told you, Frank, I won’t do it. And if you think you’re going to spank me, you had better think again.”
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When Frank catches Jenny, his prim and proper wife, masturbating while reading about the Institute—a place where husbands learn to spank their naughty wives and thoroughly ravish them in the bedroom—he realizes that something needs to change. The Institute’s training costs a fortune, but he is willing to bet it will be more than worth the price. 
Jenny and Frank enter “Extreme Marriage” training at the Institute, but although Jenny craves Frank’s dominance on a very deep level, her bashful ways reveal a sexual guilt taught to her long ago which will require great patience and care to overcome. It takes all of Frank’s willpower to restrain his raging desires as he follows the Institute’s plan and takes control of their marriage. 
Frank’s newfound dominance brings Jenny pleasure beyond anything she has ever known, and as the terrible guilt that has been a part of her life for so long slips away, she and Frank find more joy in their marriage than they ever thought possible. But when they leave the Institute and return home, can they keep the passion they ignited there burning hot? 
Publisher’s Note: An Extreme Marriage is a stand-alone book set in the same world as Bought and Trained. It is an erotic novel that includes extensive BDSM content, spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
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  1. Great snippet Emily. THis institute sounds like an amazing place to repair a marriage :)

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  3. The institute huh… could I see that pamphlet please?

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  5. Wonder what was in that pamphlet!

  6. Looks good. Going to buy Bought and Trained AND

  7. An Extreme Marriage. I have read and joyed several of your books.