Friday, May 30, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: the maids

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

Maids. What is it about maids? Well, the uniform, of course. But I think the hotness of the uniform actually comes from the way the uniform embodies the even more essential hotness of the power dynamic. Maids, nurses, cheerleaders, schoolgirls: all of them groups that could be considered subject to masculine authority, at least in certain stereotypical situations.

In imagining a backstory for these "maids," then, I decided that I should make that masculine authority explicit.

And then there's the table. I really would like to know what the actual purpose of that article might be, but it certainly makes a wonderful place to have maids lean in order to present their lace-adorned backsides. Leaning of course, in such a fashion, with back to viewer, must always invoke the thought of disciplinary eroticism: to my mind, why would you have a girl in lace lingerie (like me!) lean that way if you weren't going to spank her? How tragic would it be to allow my lace-covered bottom to escape the paddle, once I presented it that way!

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