Monday, May 5, 2014

A hint of family ageplay #Taboo2sday

So I suppose to some extent I've been holding out where my taboo fantasies, and their written elaboration, is concerned. I've been avoiding the biggest taboo of all: (I'm whispering now, just so you know) incest. And it hasn't been because I don't have it in my fantasy-constellation. Oh, I have it. Prophettown was initially designed around it, and the original versions of the Tales of Prophettown were much, much more taboo than the ones I finally published. Here's a little taste of the kind of thing that drives me to distraction, from the new release Emily's Festival--the 35th book of EXPLORATIONS.
The date of our departure for America approaches. I am filled both with fear and excitement: I can hardly believe this strange idea might become reality. 
Oh, little diary, shall I be able to keep thee safe enough that I may write what I long to write? I must try, for I cannot keep myself from writing it. I gave myself to J last night, while E was with the lawyers in the city. He is so much that E is not. 
"Little Emily," he said, "shall you be mine?" 
"Yes, Papa," I said. 
"Then lay yourself down on your little belly. Your Papa cannot help himself, but must enjoy you." I blush to write it, diary, but I spent for J, with J's yard inside my virtue, as I have never spent for E. Then J had me kiss and suck it, and called me his good sweet girl. It made me feel such happiness that I was terribly abashed when E came home, and took me, upon my saddle, and said he was pleased I was so wet for him. 
And J is to come with us to America. I want to be unhappy about it, but I find I cannot be. To be J's little Emily awakens me in ways whereof I had never dreamt.
Buy the book at Amazon! Here's the blurb:
The woman who was clearly meant to be the lady of the crusader knight who had brought the Whore of the East back to his castle rose as the whore was brought into the scene.  
"My Lord," she said, "what meaneth this strange sort of arrival? Who is this harlot, and how darest thou bring her into our home?" 
"This whore is for mine own pleasure, wife. Hussies, remove her garments, and get her over her bench of discipline, that she learn how ill it will go with her if she should question her lord's pleasures!"  
In the 35th book of Explorations, Victorian Emily watches the end of the great BDSM festival-play, while in the Prophettown guesthouse fantasy-Charles enjoys the charms of five girls of refreshment. Mf, Mfffff, anal, spanking, watersports. 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, Mfffff, anal, spanking, watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.
More wonderful, taboo delights below!


  1. Ah yes. Incest is definitely fun to play with. Much like bestiality, people only look at one side of it...ignoring the other.

  2. lovely snippet :) The word choice is just perfect for this!

  3. Very nice. These are all so very short, though. *whine* I want more.

    1. It's not like I'm not telling you where to get more, is it? :D (Thanks!)