Monday, May 26, 2014

Athletics in Prophettown #Taboo2sday

This is from the soon-to-be released 36th book of EXPLORATIONS, Emily's Discovery (update: it's here! Click!). My heroine is watching a broadcast of the midsummer games in Prophettown. I'm pretty sure it's taboo, but I can't quite figure out why. Any thoughts?
"Lovely," said Joe. "Her coach is Jeff Carter, and he was telling me yesterday that he likes to fuck Mary both before and after her training sessions--that's a bit novel: many coaches say that fucking a girl before she trains is a no-no, and some of them even think that girls in training shouldn't get any fucking at all, but it's hard to blame coach Carter when you see that sweet little puss on Mary. We caught some of that action during Mary's final warm-up." 
There was a cut to a locker-room, where a middle-aged man was enjoying Mary from behind over a bench. He was saying, "Good girl; there you go. Ride it hard, now. You're a winner; make coach come, now." 
"Jesus Christ," I said. "This place is unbelievable." 
"You're just figuring that out?" asked Charles, drily.
Blurb coming soon!

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  1. Well there's voyeurism :D Sex allowed out of the bedroom seems problematic for many. And one can only guess what the Games showcase. Love the snippet ;)

    1. Exhibitionism! That's the one! Thanks, Joelle!

    2. you're welcome, Emily. sometimes the "taboo" can be unclear to us. Think of how with my snippet, I intended a dominant to show his submissive "place" to her, in his hierarchy. It's not at all about depersonalization or making her animal, or sub-human.