Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BDSM steeplechase #RTKDungeonCrawl

Just in case you didn't get enough of the BDSM athletic festival in yesterday's post, here's a tidbit from one of my favorite parts of the just-released Emily's Discovery.
The first few events were familiar from standard track-and-field: in addition to a selection of running-races, there were the high-jump and the long-jump. By 10am, though, the events unique to Prophettown had begun: the first of these, which was also the final track event of the day, was a sort of steeplechase where at each of the barriers enforcers with straps were positioned to do as much damage as they could to the passing naked female runners. This was the event Sarah had been entered in, and it was really rather dramatic and exciting, because it was clearly a much loved spectacle, and both the enforcers and the runners seemed to feel the need to do an exemplary job in turning it out both for the assembled Prophettown citizenry and, via the broadcast, the BDSM world. 
"Like an ordinary steeplechase," Frank said, "the whipping-race takes place over a long distance: these girls must make it around the track six times. So you should expect to see all the the drama that entails, multiplied several times by the addition of the enforcers." 
"That's right, Frank," said Joe. "There's almost always a lead group of three or four fast runners, and then a much bigger mass of girls behind them." 
"Why is that, Joe?" 
"Simply because the enforcers are so good at tripping the girls up. A girl who tries to go it on her own always ends up flat on the track, with an enforcer strapping her backside back and blue."
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The Prince of Wales and I stood in the drawing room of the lovely house outside Boulogne, alone. 
"Mrs. Wilkes," said the future king of England, "I believe you are a very naughty girl." 
I blushed deeply, and said, "I am, your Highness." 
"I hope you will not think it untoward of me," he continued, "but I should confess to you right away that I have a great fondness for correcting the naughty conduct of young ladies. Do you find that untoward of me?" 
"No, your Highness," I replied. 
"I am very much afraid that I feel the need to chastise you immediately, Mrs. Wilkes. There is something about you that makes a man think that your naughtiness is always in need of discipline. I suspect your husband feels the same way." 
The 36th book of EXPLORATIONS tells the exciting stories of fantasy-Emily as she attends the taboo athletic-and-sex festival of Prophettown and prepares to play her own role, and of Victorian Emily as her disciplinary, erotic week with the Prince of Wales begins. Mf, spanking, eroticism. 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, spanking, exhibitionism. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.
Keep crawling!


  1. Love it, Emily! As always you bring such great details and description to the scene

  2. So kinky! And Joelle's right. You're a master at details and description.

  3. BDSM in a track-and-field event - terrific idea! Of course in my head, the punishment began with having to run. ;)

  4. What a wonderful and creative snippet. This is a unique idea to me. As said before by others, you have a beautifully descriptive tone as well. I could picture the scene and loved every minute of it.