Thursday, May 8, 2014

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: lipstick

(See here for an explanation of this series and here for an index to it.)

Quentin watched his girlfriend Violet, sitting at the vanity, putting on her make-up, her attention entirely upon her image in the mirror. He stood across the room; Violet hadn't realized he had joined her there. As usual, he pinched himself, mentally, at the sight of her exquisite face and her gorgeous flowing hair.

Quentin waited long moments, just looking. Then he said, quietly, "Panty check."

Violet stood up, slowly, at the vanity, and turned to him with a smile that more than made up for his slight disappointment that she wore the correct panties--the ones he had picked out, that he would delight to play with, later, rousing her to gasping moans as he caressed her through the lace, pulling the fabric aside at last to possess his Violet entirely.

Quentin thought of what had happened the week before at panty check: the revelation that Violet was wearing the incorrect panties--simple beige nylon instead of the red lace he had chosen; the order to lower them immediately to her knees and to steady herself against the vanity counter while he took the hairbrush in his hand. The delicious sight of Violet's bottom as it squirmed in discomfort as Quentin punished her, and the even more delicious sight of her rubbing the red cheeks with both hands when he was done.

The incredible sex afterward, with Violet still bending over the vanity, and the question, "Did you wear the wrong panties on purpose?" and the giggling answer, "I'm not telling."

Looking at Violet's lovely smile today, Quentin asked, "Why did you wear the right panties today?"

"Tonight," Violet replied, "I want my spanking to be because I was a good girl."

(Photo via Meredith Fox of the marvelous Nylon Stockings and Lingerie community on Google Plus.)

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