Friday, June 5, 2015

Caught in her subterfuge, and taught a lesson #SatSpanks

Gretchen, a young woman from an Earth where civilization has collapsed, has just tried to avoid being taken to space station Athena as a relict girl — that is, a slave-girl used for pleasure and for breeding by the elites of Athena.

“Oh, hush,” Diana said. “It’s only a spanking, dear. If your little act was anything to go by, your backside is going to receive a great deal worse back home, and very soon. I can tell you’re a mischievous little thing.”

Gretchen turned to the woman, and saw such disdain in her hazel eyes that she suddenly felt like a little insect kept alive on sufferance for being mildly amusing.

“Diana,” the one named Martin said, “you really go too far. This girl may be a relict, but her DNA is the same as yours.”

Heather snorted, “Says the man who just paid fifteen credits to spank the relict girl’s pretty little hiney.”

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  1. Fifteen credits, eh? Is that a lot? Is there any chance the gentleman who paid will also be the gentleman who gets to keep? The romantic in me hopes so, and congratulations on your new release.

  2. Huh...I'm wondering how credits work. Nice snippet! Congrats on your new release!