Friday, June 19, 2015

Dystopian traditional values #SatSpanks

In my new book Subjugated, the post-apocalyptic nation where the hero and heroine live is ruled by a general whose ideas of traditional values are rather warped.

When a husband wished to be with his wife — and Mrs. Trest, the army-appointed counselor who traveled through the towns with her husband Major Trest, teaching this lesson, placed a very strong emphasis on be, as if it meant something more, though what more it could possibly mean neither Jenna nor her friends had any idea — the wife must prepare herself properly. She must dress nicely, and shave her legs and her armpits — and, Mrs. Trest said, her own face coloring a little, in sympathy with the girls', if told to do so by her husband, she must shave between her legs as well.

"Then, probably after dinner," said Mrs. Trest, brightly, "your husband will be with you, in the bedroom — though remember, girls, that if he wishes to be with you anywhere else — even outside, girls — you must obey him, and be grateful for his firm, guiding hand, and for the gift of your charms that make him want to put babies in your womb. Though, remember, if he wishes to be with you in another way, that won't make a baby — you'll understand when you're married, girls — you must obey him in that."

Or, of course, the paddle, or the strap. Girls over eighteen received the paddle in school, for misbehavior or bad marks. Jenna had never had it.

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  1. Anytime you see Dystopian and Traditional Values in the same sentence, you have to know that something is warped somewhere. Yup, definite oxymoron. Intriguing snippet, however.

  2. Looks like they are getting very clear instructions. Wonder how this will go when the lessons are put into actions.

  3. I am so upset that the Spanking A to Z blog hop has eaten into all my reading time, Emily. I'm so behind on my TBR pile, but this one is definitely going on it. Looks intriguing.

  4. Congrats on the new book Em! You're a writing machine!

  5. You are so prolific, you make it difficult for us mere mortals to keep up. lol

  6. Interesting Emily! Sounds as though these girls have no idea what they are in for.