Friday, June 12, 2015

Orientation to a well-disciplined lifestyle #SatSpanks

Before they go to the space-station where they will serve the reproductive and sexual needs of the elites who purchase them, relict girls receive an orientation to how they may be treated by their masters. In this passage, Gretchen has gotten a little too excited as she watched.

Gretchen knew what was on the view screen, because she and Beth had watched it before any other girl had come in, both of them staring straight ahead in utter mortification. Now, however, Gretchen only had eyes for the other girl, and Beth only, it appeared, had eyes for the sight of Gretchen touching her own pussy.

The other girls gasped as they watched the vid, and the sound of a stiff leather paddle striking the bare bottom of the girl they had just seen sucking her owner’s cock came to Gretchen’s ears as she opened her thighs to show Beth just how wet her pussy had gotten, watching and hearing about the fate that awaited them both. Gretchen had never thought before that day of the pleasure girls might give one another, but the way Ms. Feld and Ms. Renton had inspected her, together with what they had seen on the vid, seemed to make the idea of kissing Beth almost unbearably alluring.

The girl in the vid was over her owner’s knee, just as Gretchen had been over Martin’s, Gretchen remembered, and the paddle was flashing down with force and regularity. The blond girl on the vid cried out in shame and discomfort.

“Remember that you will be inspected monthly to determine the state of your well-being. If your owner should punish you, the discipline must conform to the provisions of the Enclosure Act for the punishment of relict girls, and, unless you are very naughty, will not make you uncomfortable for more than a few days at most."

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  1. A few days! Yikes. What happens if they're very naughty? Never mind. I have a feeling I don't want to know because it can't be good. Your snippet is, however.

  2. Wow, what a naughty scene Emily! Love it.

  3. Makes me wonder if these ladies explore what it would be like to please one another:)-

  4. Great snippet! I love your cover too! :-)