Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The end of The Red Panties (almost): what Emily is up to

I just finished this one. It should be out in two or three weeks. The ending is kind of exciting, and I don't want to spoil it, but I'll share a little bit of the build-up.

He advanced, and put his hand out. Her brow furrowed and she caught the inside of her cheek in her teeth as he touched her bottom-cheek.

"So pretty," he said softly. "So pretty with these sweet marks, Jenna."

She whimpered, realizing that he meant the welts he had made, with his belt and with the horrid cat. Then she cried out loud as he bent, and kissed her pussy for a long, long moment, the wet sounds rising loud into the half-lit room where the bright sunshine sneaked around the corners of the blinds. He kissed, and licked, and then he rubbed all that moisture, of him and her, firmly into her anus, and then, because she knew how to open, now, he entered her there swiftly and forcefully.

She gasped, and panted, and cried out at the way he took hold of her knees, opening her even further and even more painfully, but now she… she loved the pain, and she didn't know why.

Because… because she loved him. She looked up at Bradley's fierce face, and she knew that the expression he saw in her own eyes aroused him much, much further, because he started to fuck her anus so hard and fast that all the faint pleasure of the act itself, of her bottom being open and full, went away, and yet somehow the pleasure in her pussy remained.

"Play with yourself for me," he said. "Right now. Right now, Jenna. Right…"

She put her hand down, and rubbed frantically at the place that seemed like it couldn't be any warmer, and as Bradley held himself still, his cock buried in her backside's little ring, and the pulsing of his climax began, Jenna fell into a climax of her own, so big that she thought her body couldn't handle it, and she must simply cease to be. She screamed, helplessly, because the pleasure was so great it had become pain just as the pain had somehow become pleasure. The forceful way he held her knees let her push against his hands there just as her bottom seemed to want so desperately to push out his cock, to no avail.

To no avail: she loved Bradley Clark, and he had possession of her. Nothing would be of any avail without that.

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