Monday, June 15, 2015

A special girl for the preacher—Lori-Anne for #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

Reverend White used Lori-Anne's mouth for a good long time, holding her head still and thrusting in so that he could reach the back of her throat. All the while he murmured things that despite the terrible degradation they conveyed made Lori-Anne's clit swell and grow hard down between her thighs.

"You're gonna be a special kind of Christian girl, sweetheart. Such a special girl for your preacher. You'll come here once a week for spiritual education, and you'll learn special lessons in how to please your Christian husband."

These humiliating words got Lori-Anne's clit so hard and long that she found herself fantasizing, as she sometimes did, that Big Joe would take it upon himself, perhaps as a special baptismal present, to kiss her clit instead of only rewarding her by letting her touch herself until the shameful white stuff came: not manly seed, like the preacher would soon bestow in Lori-Anne's mouth, but naughty squirting by a bad girl. Not that she would ever think her private parts worthy of Joe caressing them in such a servile way, but it would feel so good that she couldn't help thinking about it, especially while she pleased the cock of a real man like Joe or Reverend White. But she knew that the most Joe would do for her, even on their wedding-night, would be to have her lie in the tub while he caressed her with a soapy, bubbly hand, invisible in the suds, and made her do her little spurting.

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