Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The dominance protocol—what Emily is up to

I can't imagine you'll be surprised to hear I'm working on something new. This one's tentatively titled Bought by the Doctor. Here's a teaser:

"I don't think that's a real answer," Sam said. Abruptly, he rose from his stool, and went to the end of the examination table. He pulled open a drawer, and took out the stirrups.

"Wh–what are you… doing?" Susan's voice betrayed all the nervousness of any patient confronted by the signs of a procedure she hasn't asked for and doesn't understand. Perfect.

"We're going to begin your physical examination, and your coitus, now."

"But… I'm… I mean, the history…"

"Oh, we're going to continue the history while I start the exam and begin the coitus." He fitted the metal rods, with their plastic attachments for Susan's feet into the fixtures at the end of the table. "We'll keep talking about the sex you had with your boyfriend in other people's beds. I want to demonstrate something to you. Lie back and put your feet in the stirrups, Susan."

"But…" Genuine alarm rose in her eyes.

"Do you need that whipping I mentioned a moment ago, young lady?"

"No!" The word burst from her in a sudden way that made Sam think it must be involuntary. Progress.

"Then do as I've said, please." Sam stood calmly at the end of the table, looking down at her.

Then the change back to dullness came over her face, but Sam could tell that it cost her even more will than the last time — perhaps it cost her more than it ever had before. It wouldn't be long, he hoped, before it cost her more to push her emotions away than it did to deal with them.

"Fine, doctor," she said, clearly feigning the respect implied by the title, but not coming close to sarcasm. She lay back.

Sam didn't give her the chance to raise and spread her own legs, but instead reached out and took her knees firmly, pulling her down towards him until he could seat her feet in the stirrups. As he did so, he looked into her eyes, seeing fear flash there and then disappear into something else. Arousal.

Sam kept the smile off his face. He would rather Susan didn't even know, quite yet, that he had noticed her flared nostrils and distressed brow.

"No," he said, replying to words Susan hadn't spoken that he knew were in her mind, "it's not like any exam you've had before, Susan. I want you to masturbate for me, now, while we talk about the kind of sex you had in those nice beds. Show me the kind of thrill you got from breaking the law. Show me what it does to your vagina, when you think about it."

Pointedly, he glanced down between her legs to look at her pussy, lightly covered in curly black hair. The opening of her legs had made all its pink secrets visible in the little cleft. His cock swelled, and really he wanted to keep looking just for the dominant thrill of it, but it was essential that he turn his attention to her face, and see how it affected her to know that he had just looked between her thighs that way.

Susan's eyes went wide as she looked up at him. She hadn't expected anything like this to occur in a doctor's office, he knew: that of course represented a good deal of the point. A medical examination had an ever-present dominant quality, as the physician took charge of the patient's body, but that dominant quality never, ever came to the fore: indeed, doctors received extensive training in softening that quality as much as possible, transforming it into a caring relationship. Sam's care of Susan would come to the fore soon enough, but his research suggested that when a girl like Susan, who had decided that the traditional authorities of her community didn't deserve her respect, received the sort of exam Sam now gave her, good might come of it.

"Wh–what?" she asked, as if utterly taken aback. Then he saw in her intelligent eyes that she had understood: he knew she had become aroused by the thought of what she had done with her boyfriend — no one could have told the story, led into it the way Sam had led Susan into it, without feeling echoes of the excitement she had felt then, with Prender. And she understood, to her dismay, he could see, that he knew how his spreading her knees and opening her up had aroused her in its own right.

"I think you heard me, Susan," Sam said as he moved deliberately to recover the wheeled stool and move it into a position where he could watch her play with herself. "I'm going to teach you something important about yourself, now."

Beginning of July, I'm guessing!

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