Thursday, October 31, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: a master's hand

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

I hope that if you're following along with this series you enjoyed the contrast between the rather explicit pic last week, with so much spelled out, and this wonderful, subtle pic. Last week's said a lot with its specific, nearly verbal details; this one says just as much with its own subtle ones. The woman's wonderful hair, almost arranged; the pearls; the lipstick and the rouge; above all the smock, at odds with the elegance of the rest, and falling off the shoulder either in the haste of her gesture or in seduction; his passive hand, clearly attached to a man elegantly dressed; the desperation of her expression--entreating for what? mercy? love? chastisement? The freckled shoulder that seems to speak of experience, over the course of a life lived in the opulence of such hairstyles and pearls, and yet, in its exposure, reflects a vulnerability at odds with that very experience.

There is something wrong, the photo seems to say; she hopes, perhaps forlornly and even impossibly, that her submission will mend it.

I hope that the story I wrote burns with the same slow heat as the photograph, and works its way into the reader's consciousness via similar modes of imaginative elaboration. Last week, the sex was there on the surface: here it waits in the darkness by which the figures are so exquisitely framed.

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