Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rocking-horse training, part 2

(We're continuing from here.)

(WARNING: this episode has VERY intense ageplay.)

I began to ride, putting my hands on either side of the end of the horse that faced my headboard. I rubbed, and the heat grew there, so that I had to rub again, and again, travelling back in my mind to the time when I had ridden sofa-arms and pillows, in my panties and then, later, out of them, unable to stop but knowing how shameful it was: knowing I should stop.

I went back further in my imagination and I was the little girl on the big horse, learning how to post up in the saddle, not thinking about why it made me feel so wonderful, and I posted on my husband's horse, and made little sobbing sounds because the wonderful feeling in my private part was somehow wrong, and I shouldn't play with myself, and I shouldn't want a spanking, even though being spanked was just about the only thing in the whole world that I really, really wanted.

After I had made a few shameful posts up and down atop my pony, with his hand rubbing me tenderly so that I wanted to ride faster and faster, Daddy said, "There's another important part of a little girl that her Daddy needs to help her with. Do you know what I mean?"

"My b--bottom, Daddy?"

"Yes, Emily. That's right. Stop riding for a moment. Daddy's going to get on the bed so he can help you with your bottom."

"Are you going to spank my little bottom, Daddy?" I said with a pout.

"Not tonight, sweetheart. Tonight Daddy wants to put something there. It won't feel very good for you this first time, but it will make Daddy feel wonderful, and so you will need to learn to take it."

"Yes, Daddy. Even if it hurts very much, I'll be happy that it makes you feel so wonderful!"

He got up on the bed behind me, and I heard him open the lube. I couldn't believe how aroused I was, by the horse, by Charles playing Daddy, by me playing innocent little girl. When I felt the head of his cock there in my girlish little bottom-flower, I couldn't help myself: I needed to play with the taboo. "Daddy, should a little girl like me have something in my bottom?"

Charles had to think for a moment, but replied, beautifully, "No, Emily, but you're getting bigger, aren't you? It's time for you to start learning how to please your Daddy in new ways. These ways will seem strange at first, but Daddy knows what you need better than you do, and Daddy's pleasure comes first, so you're going to have something there now, so that I can enjoy your bottom as much as I want."

He held my little peaches in his hands as he put his thing inside my flower, and I pushed, to let him in, because perhaps I knew more about such things already than I should, and I groaned as he entered, and began to move in the gentle way in which he always starts, back there.

"Daddy?" I asked.

"Yes, Emily?"

"My front feels funny again, and the horse is very nice, but. . ."

"But you like my hand, don't you, you naughty girl?"

Shamefaced, I turned my chin over my shoulder to see him enraptured by the sight of his thing in my bottom, and nodded.

"Well, if I am very pleased with your bottom, after I take my pleasure perhaps I'll let you ride my hand again, or even something harder and longer. Right now, though, Daddy is going to use your bottom, and go for a little ride of his own. So put your head down and push your backside out for me, Emily."

(It wasn't actually at that first lesson that he brought out his next surprise--it was really a few weeks later, after it was clear that we were both really, really enjoying the riding lessons--but it makes for a better story to put it here.)

After I obeyed, and Daddy had ridden my bottom for a minute or two, very gently but still in a way that made me chew on my lower lip, and whimper in discomfort, he said, "Emily, there's something you're going to wear for Daddy now, because Daddy wants to ride his little girl properly."

"What is it Daddy?"

It was a bit-gag, with reins.

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