Friday, October 11, 2013

Cover Reveal: The First Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes

Here it is! It's another detail from Leighton's The King and the Beggar Maid. I'm sure you'll be much more interested in the excerpt and blurb, though. . .  The book should be live by 18 October!

Our excerpt is from Emily's governess' letter detailing Emily's lewd conduct, and the governess' own just punishment of it:
"I will admit that my heart misgave me about the sentence I had imposed in my anger; my purpose, as I am sure you, Mr. Wilkes, can grasp, was to instill such shame in her as to the consequences of her actions that she might never attempt them again. The measure was excessive, it now seems to me, and since, as I am sorry to have to report below, this incident was not the last in the trials we had over Miss Orn’s self-abuse and thus it was not as effective as I had hoped even at my most passionately furious, I would certainly not recommend it to anyone attempting to guide her in the future. Indeed I began to repent of the measure even as I awaited her, picturing her as she stepped naked from the bathroom and tiptoed down the long hall, imagining the feelings of the new butler should he see his young mistress in such a state, the desires she might excite in him, the things he would like to do with the maiden who was forced to confess to him her wanton nature. Indeed I imagined that he might feel himself free to order her into her bedchamber and, even should he stop at plucking her maiden-flower, he might nevertheless decide that her invisible maidenheads were his for the taking. He might, in short, feel that he might with impunity violate Miss Orn in those perverse fashions I have heard gentlemen sometimes employ with trollops. In the event, I thank heaven, no one encountered her as she made her way to my chamber, and so it was scant moments later that she stepped inside."
And the blurb--please note the warning about what the book comprises! Buy the book here!
Mrs. Smith was suddenly very matter-of-fact. "Very well, Miss Orn. It is my custom to test a new girl’s obedience immediately. Stand up, if you please, and allow me to assist you in removing your clothing. In order that there be no false pretense here, let me warn you that you will be required to remove every garment, including your chemise."  
My conscious mind now rose in open rebellion against the impulse that had had me give my word. How could I obey her? Why had I given my word to do so? Had I had any inkling she would ask such a thing?  
NOTE: This book comprises material previously published in the following books: Emily, Victorian Bride; Emily in the School for Wives; Emily Undressed; Emily's Bath; Emily's Morning; and EXPLORATIONS: Books 21-24. I here present it as a continuous story and without the intrusion of the modern narrative of my fantasy-tale, for readers who might be more interested in this Victorian material.  
In this notebook, imagined as passed down to me from my great-great-grandmother, Emily Orn tells the story of her first initiation into a great drama of BDSM in Victorian England. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Smith, trainer of submissive brides, she learns to know and to love her craving for shameful degradation and erotic submission.   
This book of EXPLORATIONS contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, ff, Ff, spanking, mild watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.

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