Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: disciplined

(See here for an explanation of this series.)

Jack's favorite way to discipline Esme was designed to ensure that she developed the deepest possible appreciation of her own wanton, slutty nature. Jack believed that only by making Esme feel erotic pleasure against her will, in the course of punishing her for faults in her conduct like the parking ticket she had received the day before simply because she had been too lazy to feed the meter, could he truly instruct her in the ways of his Dominance, and her submission.

For Esme, the hardest part was spreading her arms and legs on the bed, for Jack to bind her the way he knew she needed to be bound. It was impossible, no matter how many times she had been disciplined this way, clad only in her panties, face to the sheets, limbs stretched so that when the belt came down upon her bottom over and over, the way it did when Jack really wanted to teach her a lesson, she had no way to avoid it. 

From the moment she felt the straps go around her wrists, she knew that her discipline-session was going to unfold the way Jack wanted it to unfold: her panties pulled down, the little vibrator used in her most private place, Jack's fingers coaxing degrading screams of pleasure from her, and then the vibrator removed and the belt coming down hard, and again--and then the pleasing, tormenting hand once again inside her panties, and Jack's voice saying, "A bad girl needs to understand that her master will always make sure she behaves responsibly." 

The belt again. "Do you understand?" Softly--never in anger, for how could he be angry at the little girl whose panties were now so wet that anyone could see the spot of moisture there?

"Yes, Sir."

The fingers again, on the outside of the panties, working her as she moaned, low at first and then with rising pitch and volume, until at last she lay exhausted there, and he rolled up the belt, as he always liked to do, and set it on her back, to remind her that if he chose he could discipline her further--as much as he liked--always as much as he liked.

(I am once again deeply in the debt of Marie Berrios, for this amazing image; I don't know how she does it.)


  1. Holy Hell. I'm really hot now. Just got a new vibrator too but kids at home…school break…Curse you, Emily Tilton…well, not really but you know what I mean.

    1. Times like this, I say to myself, "Thank god I can lock my bathroom door." ;)

      (Sorry about that!)

  2. oh wow! Emily, I'm not sure why the pic didn't clue me into how very hot this scene was going to be :D