Thursday, October 17, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: innocent floral

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

My recent inspirations have played with what I suppose might be called more traditional BDSM tropes: ropes and capture (albeit capture of a rather light kind!). For this week I wanted to go with something a little more on the innocent side--or rather on the side of the playful engagement of innocence in the service of finding that erotic rush that always come with its violation.

So, the essential hotness is, strangely enough, the lovely floral pattern. It invokes all sorts of wonderful ageplay dynamics and because in the ongoing narrative of the blog I'm doing an ageplay series right now, it seemed particularly appropriate.

The rest of the image is surprisingly simple, except that I haven't yet managed to figure out why stripped beds, in erotic photography, affect me the way they do. Obviously, they're naked, and the bed's nakedness is a metaphor for the nakedness (or implied soon-to-be-nakedness) of the model lying on it. But I don't think that can be the real source of the erotic effect; if I had to guess I think would theorize that the real source is that licit, vanilla sex happens in made beds; stripped, bare beds are therefore ideal for kink. Just to extend that hypothetical argument, I associate made beds with the natural feminine order of the traditional Western household; a bed without sheets would be where a dominant man would take a submissive girl to use her charms as he pleased.

Finally, there's the look: the evergreen "Please help me deal with these uncontrollable sexual urges I have that girls aren't supposed to have: only you, Dominant Sir, with your specialized, brutal, authoritative equipment can give me the answer I seek to these strange needs I have, that contrast so thoroughly with my innocent floral lingerie."


  1. In horror/thriller stories, it is the waiting that gives the thrill. Prisoners were often shown the objects of their torture, because the mind is far more powerful than reality. The stripped bed is not for sleeping on; it is where things are about to happen. No sheets to hide beneath; every action will be in full view with no soft pillow for the submissive. Not really surprising you find a stripped bed erotic.