Thursday, October 24, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: disciplined

(This post concerns yesterday's story.)

Frankly, this may be the hottest photograph I've ever seen. If it's not, it's certainly in my top 10. Let me just list, beginning with the essential hotness.
  • Panties half-up, as if her Master wanted to make sure she realizes that panties are for his convenience, and not for hers, after what was clearly an intense discpline session.
  • Belt on the back, to indicate to her that from her Master's perspective, she exists to be beaten. Master may of course pick up the belt any time he wishes, and beat her the way she deserves.
  • Tied, spread, face-down, making her available at the convenience of her Master and relieving him of the tiresome need of seeing her face, when he is really only interested in her backside.
  • Lace trim around the panties, indicating the part of her anatomy that should always be nicely adorned, even on such functional underwear: these may be day-to-day grey panties, but her Master is entitled to have her bottom look pretty for him.
  • The little anal vibrator, left negligently lying there after her Master bestowed some anal discipline on her earlier, yanking her panties down for it, before strapping her with the belt, and finally, demeaningly, tugging the panties back up just a bit. His intention is of course that when he feels like it, he will come back to repeat the cycle and make sure the lesson he is teaching gets learned.
Finally, the element that works like a firebrand on my imagination, despite (I think) really being only ancillary to the core eroticism:
  • The wet-spot on the panties, indicating that her Master wanted to teach her a special kind of lesson, not just about his authority to beat her, but about her wanton nature, and what it means for his Mastery of her: how much she needs it, and how willing he is to give her exactly what she deserves, even to the point of her current exhaustion, should he wish.
I go back and forth on whether the meaning of "hot" and "sexy" is "fit for objectification" for everyone, or just for me and my ilk. I tend to think it's universal; I've never seen the words used in a context where it didn't seem reducible to the bestower of one of those adjectives wanting to objectify the person or scene (objectifying a scene like the one in the photo always comes down in the end to objectifying a person, in my judgment) to which s/he applied the word, even--perhaps especially--in the case of describing oneself, e.g. "I feel sexy" or "that thong makes me feel sexy." Worth discussing in the comments, maybe?

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