Friday, June 13, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: waiting on fur

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

The fur.

Is there anything else that feels like real fur, on our erogenous zones?

The fur causes the hands on the thighs, and the hands on the thighs cause the aroused, ashamed look down and to the side.

And all in a bare room that suggests submission so perfectly.

I tried in the story to suggest why the bare room works so very well, with the idea of the mystery Pavel maintains around Anya's sessions with him. The dominant partner makes the space, and furnishes the space: to fail to furnish the space says to the submissive partner, "I choose to make you think of nothing but my hands, and my cock."

The rules Pavel makes constitute the true space, for which the room is only a metaphor: the space inside their minds, within which Anya can feel that she is real because Pavel takes pleasure in her. By leaving Anya guessing about rules, he gives her the opportunity to feel anew, every time, the depth of his pleasure in her: a pleasure so great that he creates a new space--a new world--for it, and for her, and for them, every time.

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